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Thanks to the irresistible generosity of the Natural Mother, Cappadocia (which means "Land of beautiful horses") is a unique holiday place. The soil is formed from a very soft volcanic terrain, ash and lava eroded from volcanoes. Rivers, streams, rains, snow and ice shaped this ground. Erosion is the source of this supernatural landscape. However, Cappadocia's big reputation as being a magnificent place to visit is also thanks to the generous hospitality of its inhabitants.

Cappadocia, strategically located at the crossroads of major communication and trading routes like the "silk road", was alsothe cradle of different civilizations over the centuries beginning with the Hittite Empire.


The tuff was so easy to work, even using primitive tools, that inhabitants were able to carve their cave-dwellings into the rock. Later, when Christians arrived, they carved many churches and decorated them with frescoes.

Tour Example


Depart from the hotel to Devrent Valley where the rock formations will play with your imagination. Then to Avanosthe pottery centre of Cappadocia. The longest river in Anatolia, the Kizilirmak River (The red river) meanders through the village, and provides the terracotta and ceramic clay that signify the area. A demonstration of the masters at work makes you truly appreciate the craft of pottery making. Avanos village is quaint with many Greek style homes inabited by colourful villagers. 



We leave Urgup and head to the sleepy village of Mustafapasa (called Sinasos when it was an Ottoman Greek settlement). The village almost feels untouched by tourism as life continues the old way. Mustafapasa was inhabited by Greek orthodox until 1923. Both churches and caravanserai have well preserved stone work.

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